Alternative Renewable Energy

Alternative Renewable Energy

Alternative Renewable Energy has been discussed for several years now and the search for good Renewable Sources of Energy has produced some interesting ideas on how we can make best use of these naturally recurring resources which should allow us to move away from our old fossil fueled methods which have helped in the creation of Global Warming and the build up of Greenhouse Gases in our atmosphere.

It has been discovered that it is possible to harness much of the natural power that exists within nature such as the Wind, the Sun, our Seas and even Underground,  all of which are natural and renewable forms of power, it is now possible to harness these forms of energy in a variety of ways dependent largely upon the geographical locations which will allow access to a particular energy, or the natural creation of this energy.

Alternative, Renewable Energy

Wave Energy,

The sea provides waves which we can harness to provide Wave Energy but the locations where we can place the collection devices have to be carefully decided because some areas in the world have great waves but they can be totally inaccessible because the waves are too violent or the waters too deep, the best locations have been found where the waves are pretty constant and of a certain height and where the devices can be accessed easily for maintenance and monitoring,

Geothermal Power

Then we can turn our attention to the underground or Geothermal Heat, in some areas it is possible to tap into this natural renewable energy source and be able to use this heat to heat up buildings ranging from individual dwellings right up to huge buildings or even small towns. Once again this is natural power which can only be found in certain areas where it is possible to gain access.

Solar Power

The Sun can provide Solar Power throughout the World and it has been proven that it is not necessary to have bright sun light, all we need is daylight with which we can convert to usable electricity. Once again in some areas it is possible and practical to have huge banks of multiple Solar Panels linking up to provide enough electricity to run a town of village. Areas of dessert or any wide open spaces are best suited but not restricted for this type of large development. We can use the Sun individually on our properties to provide our hot water of to add panels to provide or contribute to our electricity use. At times there may even be a surplus of electricity produced which could be sold back to the Electrical Companies which supply the Electricity in our area.

Wind Power

Looking at the Wind for a moment I think that most of us will have seen the Wind Farms springing up in a location close to us because the Wind can be found everywhere, but as it is a natural occurrence we must be selective where we place these Wind Turbines because they require or work best with a constant wind of a certain strength, but not too strong otherwise the inner workings may become damaged and overheat. They must also be accessible in order to carry out maintenance and repairs, so it makes sense to have a group of windmills together hence the term wind farms. It is common to see wind farms in areas of the ocean where it is not too deep or too far offshore for reasons of access.

Biomass Energy

We know that part of our past which we are determined to change is the burning of fossil fuels such as Coal or Oil, but as we move away from these fuels we do of course need something to replace it. So in the search for fuel which can be given the title of renewable energy we have found that certain plants or vegetation can be used as a fuel source. The term for this energy source is Biomass Energy, some of it can be turned into oil and burnt this way while others or at least parts of the vegetation can be taken neat and burnt or they can be mixed with other sources of vegetation and used in that way.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to these alternative energy sources that we can use we can also do more in order to cut down the amount of energy that we each use on a daily basis, if we all did this just think how much energy we could save! One single method which I will use as an example is to change all the light fittings in our property to low voltage lighting such as LED (light Emitting Diode) LED Lights. These lights use very little energy and each light lasts for an extremely long time, in fact some manufacturers even offer guarantees of up to fifteen years. Led lighting provides good strong white lights which are much brighter than our old lights which went before.

But What Next?

Whether they are crackpots or not, there will always be people with inventions that claim to have cracked the secret to “FREE ENERGY” With products like the BLOOM BOX which has its core substance as sand from almost every coastal area around the world. The genius behind this invention is a Nasa Scientist
This is a box where Gas is added in one side and Air into the other resulting in Electricity, a boxthe size of a six inch cube will be able to run an average European or American home. There are a lot of big names buying into this technology just watch the video below to get an idea of what this is all about.

Then we have the car that will run for over a hundred years on nothing except for a fuel cell called Thorium.