Solar and Battery Power In 2018

Tesla Powerwalls Combined With Solar Power Make a Winning Combination

Tesla’s New Powerwall

We all know who Tesla are don’t we, you know, the Electric Car, people and the New Batteries that power them.

Well it seems that Tesla has been making all kinds of wonderfull things happen in the new homes market. They have been working with the Aussies on the energy storage market, but they are now being left behind by a new project that will see them install Solar Arrays and Powerwalls on 50,000 new homes to create the biggest virtual power plant in the world.

The company’s main project until the Powerwall had been the

The Tesla Powerpack Their Brilliant Electricity Storage Solution

Powerpack project a 100 MW/129MWh project in South Australia which completed last year.  It was hailed as the largest in the world until this one.

But now instead of being a large centralized battery system using Tesla’s Powerpacks, the new project will be using Tesla’s Residential battery system, named The Powerwall, to create decentralized energy storage, which basically results in creating a massive virtual power plant.

The 50,000 homes in the state will be fitted with 5 kW solar arrays and 13.5 kWh Tesla Powerwall 2 battery systems. This is thought to be the biggest development of it kind to date.

It will result in at least 650 MWh of additional energy storage capacity distributed in the state. The families in South Australia are almost in dire straights with the sky high electricity prices being the highest they have ever been and families struggling to keep up. Plus the Electricity companies are still struggling to meet the current demand.

This is quite a chunk of additional electricity and putting some great scientific know how to some really good use combining Tesla’s expertise together with Solar Panels.

The idea is that it will function much like Tesla’s giant Powerpack system, which charges when demand and electricity rates are low and discharges when demand and prices are highest.

The new project is funded mainly through the Renewable Technology Fund plus a Thirty Million Dollar Loan and a Two Million Dollar Grant from the Aussie Government plus there will eventually be the power sales as they come online .

They have already started installations for a trial using over a thousand Housing Trust properties, which is esigned for the lower-income households.

Assuming things go as planned Tesla will gear up the deployment over the next few years with the aim of finishing the complete project by 2022.

Last year,  Tesla installed a 100MW/ 129MWh Powerpack project in South Australia during an interview Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave an interview during which he was informed of the pressures that Autralian families were under due to high electricity prices. He vowed to work closely with the Government and all concerned to find a solution that would work for everyone.

The only potential glitch on the horizon could be with Tesla being comitted to working on these huge orders, how would other customer’s of Tesla’s Powerpack System fayre in successfully completing on therem own purchases.

Tesla is now fully contracted to send over 50,000 units to Australia over the next 4 years, possibly making it more difficult to obtaining them and that’s not counting new customer orders. Tesla will have to seriously ramp up production to meet these demands.

New Sources Of Energy

Breaking News Regarding New Sources Of Energy


Radiant Energy

Radiant energy is basically using the energy of electromagnetic waves.

Examples of such work include Nikola Tesla’s Magnifying Transmitter, T. Henry Moray’s Radiant Energy Device, Edwin Gray’s EMA Motor, and Paul Baumann’s Testatika Machine all run on Radiant Energy.

It is interesting to note that Radiant Energy is a natural energy and can produce the same energy as electricity but at a much lower cost.  It doesn’t behave in the same way as electricity which has lead to many taking a cautious approach to this for of energy. Interestingly it can be produced from the environment which would make it an ideal form of energy for the future.

The Methernitha Community in Switzerland currently has 5 or 6 working models of fuel-less, self-running devices that tap this energy.

The Swiss ML Testatika/Testatica DIAGRAM

The reasons why we are not pursuing these free energy sources vary and often stray into the territory of conspiracy theories. But feel free to check them out for yourself for you to decide.

Permanent Magnets

A permanent magnet is an item made from a substance which is magnetised and creates its own persistent magnetic field. An example of this would be something like a fridge magnet. Our example today comes from Dr. Tom Bearden he has two working models of a permanent magnet powered electrical transformer. It uses a 6-watt electrical input to control the path of a magnetic field coming out of a magnet. By channeling the magnetic field, first to one output coil then a second repeatedly and rapidly, the device can produce a 96-watt electrical output with no moving parts. Multiple inventors have working mechanisms that produce torque from permanent magnets alone.

Super-Efficient Electrolysis

Super-Efficient Electrolysis occurs when water is broken down into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity. When water is hit with its own molecular resonant frequency, it collapses into hydrogen and oxygen gas with very little electrical input. Hydrogen fuel can drive engines (like in your car) for only the cost of water which can only be great news for motorists throughout the world.

Only four per cent of all hydrogen produced worldwide is the result of water electrolysis. The electrodes used in the process are not yet efficient enough, large-scale application is not profitable. “To date, hydrogen has been mainly obtained from fossil fuels, with large CO2 volumes being released in the process,” says Wolfgang Schuhmann. “If we succeeded in obtaining hydrogen by using electrolysis instead, it would be a huge step towards climate-friendly energy conversion. For this purpose, we could utilise surplus electricity, for example generated by wind power.”

Extract Provided by: Ruhr-Universitaet-Bochum search and more info Read more at:

Even more amazing is the fact that a special metal alloy was patented by Freedman (USA) in 1957 that spontaneously breaks water into hydrogen and oxygen with no outside electrical input and without causing any chemical changes in the metal itself. This means that this special metal alloy can make hydrogen from water for free, forever.

Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion or alternatively known as Heat Effect AHE, was initially thought to be little more than a gimmick, but over time it has been proven that cold fusion is real and is here to stay. Not only has excess heat production been repeatedly documented, but also low energy atomic element transmutation has been catalogued, involving dozens of different reactions.

The Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. On Earth, hydrogen is found in water. An energy source from hydrogen is clean, with no carbon-dioxide CO2 emissions. In LENR reactions, only tiny amounts of the hydrogen are consumed and the metal is recyclable when spent.

Cold Fusion Is Hot Again statesCBS News

“Scientists today like to call it a nuclear effect rather than cold fusion. At least 20 labs working independently have published reports of excess heat – heat up to 25 times greater than the electricity going in. And we’ve found that the Pentagon is saying it too. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, known as DARPA, did its own analysis and 60 Minutes obtained an internal memo that concludes there is ‘no doubt that anomalous excess heat is produced in these experiments.'”
This technology does appear to have some merit and may soon produce low cost energy and scores of other important industrial processes. Looking ahead there does exist various free or low cost energy sources and surely it is only a matter of time before we can reign back our current form of energy.