Big Expectations For Offshore Wind Power

Offshore Wind Power means building Wind Farms out in the ocean, the reason is obvious, we need to add to our growing numbers of reliable alternative power source and we know that there is often a breeze at the very least when you get onto the open

This image shows the Alpha Ventus Wind Turbines and the Electrical Substation in the North Sea

sea and clear of hills and buildings which can often obstruct wind thereby reducing its power.

So while the electricity supply is likely to be higher from Offshore Wind Farms due to its unobstructed placement the cost of building them at sea along with other associated problems is more likely to be higher. Another factor in favor of placing these wind farms at sea is that the opposition to their planning applications is much reduced when compared to their land based rivals, there are still the occasional protests where people object when there is concern from fishermen if they are fishing in the area or from groups concerned about their existence affecting sea life etc.

The North Sea
The North Sea and Surrounding Countries

At the moment Europe is the leading provider of electricity coming from wind farms and they cover many areas around the North Sea, with the very first farm being built in Denmark in 1991.

But in just a short time 23 years later there were 69 offshore wind farms in existence throughout the seas around Europe with an average annual rated capacity of 482 Mega Watts (MW). However by early 2014 the United Kingdom had the largest number of offshore wind farms with 3,681 MW, followed by Denmark, then Germany, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Spain, Norway and Portugal giving European production a total capacity of 6,562 MW as at January 2014 and this figure continues to grow year on year.

I subscribe to The Alternative Energy Mag ( and occasionally I like to share what I have heard or read from them so below you can click on a link to hear an interesting presentation into what goes on when building one of the largest wind farms in Europe.

Wind Turbines On The Ocean
Wind Turbines On The Ocean
Hear the CEO of Gemini Wind Power – Lessons in Construction and Installation of the World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm


Discover what lessons can be learned when constructing one of the world’s largest offshore wind parks?

Last month Gemini’s CEO Matthias Haag shared crucial lessons in construction and installation, which led to the successful completion of the first construction phase of the € 2.8 billion Gemini Wind Park project.

Find out more about the key lessons learned during the construction and installation of the OHVS platforms, export cable and 150 transition pieces; and how these unique lessons can be applied to save crucial time and money on future offshore wind projects: 

View or download the presentation below.
  • Check out this presentation on how and why the Gemini Offshore Wind project set new expectations for offshore wind farms
  • Listen to an overview of the construction process for the project, including the latest installation updates and what lessons have been learned
  • Explore the challenges the project faced throughout construction and see what innovative solutions were put in place as the project progressed.
  • Sign in to view the power point presentation and list to the speaker

Speaker: Matthias Haag, Chief Executive Officer, Gemini Wind Park

Click Here to see the Update On Wind Turbine Energy

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