Kinetic Energy

Kinetic Energy is the Energy developed by its own movement and although any moving object whether vertical or horizontal, will contain this energy there are a number of differing types.

Vibrational – The Energy produced by the vibrating of an object.

Rotational – The energy produced by a rotating object.

Transational – The energy resulting in the movement of an object from one place to the next.

There are even more examples including Thermal, Sound, Electrical and Radiant.

In most instances however when we are talking about Kinetic Energy we are usually meaning the energy produced by the movement of an object from one location to another (Transational Energy). In this example we are using two variables t mass of the object and the speed of it.

The equation of Kinetic Energy (KE)

KE = 0.5 • m • v2

m = mass of object & v = speed of object

I came across another great post about how we can harness the power from various examples of each of the above examples which you can see using this link from It gives some really good ‘real world examples’ of how these energies can work.

When taking renewable energies into account it is also interesting to see how Kinetic Energy is currently being used constantly because we always see motion all around us, so in order to harness this energy for our advantage we just need to consider how to do so in a clean and safe environment.

When any item accelerates or decelerates, the energy from its motion can be used or even stored up for future use. The automotive industry have being doing just  that for a number of years, the excess energy given by slowing down or stopping is stored in additional banks of batteries, these hybrid cars as they are termed used both the engine and the batteries to power the vehicles.

Another example is radiant energy, which is simply energy that travels in waves. It’s the energy given off by electromagnetic radiation and is a form of kinetic energy, since the particles are moving as they carry light, heat, and radiation from one source to another. It can be released as normal light and it is the result of a change in the arrangement of electrons.

Electromagnetic radiation is really just a stream of photons moving around which creates heat or light can be seen as photons in the form of radiant energy.

There are plenty more examples of Kinetic Energy being used by home and industry, you just need to look around you.