Solar and Battery Power In 2018

Tesla Powerwalls Combined With Solar Power Make a Winning Combination

Tesla’s New Powerwall

We all know who Tesla are don’t we, you know, the Electric Car, people and the New Batteries that power them.

Well it seems that Tesla has been making all kinds of wonderfull things happen in the new homes market. They have been working with the Aussies on the energy storage market, but they are now being left behind by a new project that will see them install Solar Arrays and Powerwalls on 50,000 new homes to create the biggest virtual power plant in the world.

The company’s main project until the Powerwall had been the

The Tesla Powerpack Their Brilliant Electricity Storage Solution

Powerpack project a 100 MW/129MWh project in South Australia which completed last year.  It was hailed as the largest in the world until this one.

But now instead of being a large centralized battery system using Tesla’s Powerpacks, the new project will be using Tesla’s Residential battery system, named The Powerwall, to create decentralized energy storage, which basically results in creating a massive virtual power plant.

The 50,000 homes in the state will be fitted with 5 kW solar arrays and 13.5 kWh Tesla Powerwall 2 battery systems. This is thought to be the biggest development of it kind to date.

It will result in at least 650 MWh of additional energy storage capacity distributed in the state. The families in South Australia are almost in dire straights with the sky high electricity prices being the highest they have ever been and families struggling to keep up. Plus the Electricity companies are still struggling to meet the current demand.

This is quite a chunk of additional electricity and putting some great scientific know how to some really good use combining Tesla’s expertise together with Solar Panels.

The idea is that it will function much like Tesla’s giant Powerpack system, which charges when demand and electricity rates are low and discharges when demand and prices are highest.

The new project is funded mainly through the Renewable Technology Fund plus a Thirty Million Dollar Loan and a Two Million Dollar Grant from the Aussie Government plus there will eventually be the power sales as they come online .

They have already started installations for a trial using over a thousand Housing Trust properties, which is esigned for the lower-income households.

Assuming things go as planned Tesla will gear up the deployment over the next few years with the aim of finishing the complete project by 2022.

Last year,  Tesla installed a 100MW/ 129MWh Powerpack project in South Australia during an interview Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave an interview during which he was informed of the pressures that Autralian families were under due to high electricity prices. He vowed to work closely with the Government and all concerned to find a solution that would work for everyone.

The only potential glitch on the horizon could be with Tesla being comitted to working on these huge orders, how would other customer’s of Tesla’s Powerpack System fayre in successfully completing on therem own purchases.

Tesla is now fully contracted to send over 50,000 units to Australia over the next 4 years, possibly making it more difficult to obtaining them and that’s not counting new customer orders. Tesla will have to seriously ramp up production to meet these demands.